I must admit that for a one-time traveller to Cuba your article was spot on. I am Cuban by birth and upbringing but I relocated to the UK almost twenty years ago.

I do need to pick up on a couple of things, though. Safety, please, do not wear anything flashy. Do not take out your wallet or purse in public. Mugging remains the most common crime and it’s easily avoidable. Basically, don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in your own country.

I disagree on the food issue. I wrote an article for a couple of British publications almost three years ago on Cuban gastronomy. There’s a lot of variety now. From Indian to Italian food there’s something for everyone. Veggies will still suffer, unfortunately.

On donations, I agree with you. Donate directly to an individual or school or hospital. Please, don’t do it through a government - run NGO or similar. Your donation is likely to “get lost”.

What I liked most about your article was that you left the politics out. Thanks for that. That’s a message for everyone else who is thinking of going to Cuba :enjoy the country and leave the politics to us.

London-based, Cuban writer. Author of “Cuban, Immigrant, and Londoner”, to be published by Austin Macauley. Has written for The Guardian and Prospect.

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