Does Hate Attract Hate or Does It Beget It?

Mario López-Goicoechea
1 min readNov 12, 2019

Est-ce que la haine attire la haine, ou, au contraire, elle l’engendre? That’s the question I pose in my essay “Hatred does not attract hatred, it begets it”. Longlisted for NUHA’s Blogging Prizes 2019, my article tries to explain briefly why we live in such a hatred-filled moment and how this period is part of a cycle.

I’d like you my lovely peeps, to take a minute or two (it’s not a long write-up) to read my entry (link below) and engage with it. Please, do it on the link provided, as I will be monitoring responses to the post regularly. What do you think? Was Gill Scott-Heron right when he said that the revolution would be televised? Or have we gone past that stage and the revolution, if it ever comes, will be broadcast on Facebook?

Please, share. I look forward to your comments on the NUHA website.

La haine n’attire pas la haine, elle l’engendre | NUHA Foundation