Three tips for new writers on Medium on how to mint it

I’ve been on Medium since at least 2016. As a seasoned writer on this platform, I’d like to share some of my expertise, especially with those who are new to this online publication.

Harking back to the times when claps were the way to earn a pretty penny around here…

Brompton Cemetery and Kensal Green: flipsides of a royal coin

The Great Circle. Care to sketch? (photo by the author)

The irony of it. I’d already been to Brompton Cemetery, but never inside Brompton Cemetery.

London works in mysterious ways. How many times have I cycled or walked on Fulham Road? Usually on my way to or from Stamford Bridge (never to a game, though. Can’t afford the ticket prices…

West Norwood: A Gothic cemetery with a touch of the millionaire about it

Clean, tidy paths. (Photo by the author)

Halfway through what is an exceptionally warm September day, it occurs to me that my attraction for cemetery parks is as much about their history as it is about my disappointment in London’s modern architecture.

As I cycle away from Nunhead Cemetery on Linden Grove, I think of Rowan Moore…

Nunhead Cemetery: from hamlet to architectural gem

The Anglican Chapel in the distance. (photo by the author)

The first few days of the ninth month of the year are meant to usher in change. This change is of a slow nature and transition, though. It’s as if summer has trouble vacating its room and autumn is too lazy to move in. The unexpected weather situation plays out…

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park: not just a burial ground for the East End’s working class.

Bushes and tarmac mix together harmoniously in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (photo by author)

My early morning cycle ride to Abney Park sets me up for the journey ahead. Carrying on to Mile End, my body welcomes Hackney’s flat terrain. Not too much exertion yet.

At the bottom of Globe Road I turn left onto Mile End Road in order to continue my journey…

Abney Park: a hidden treasure in north London

Abney Park Photo by author

A serotinal morning announces itself by blending extant estival greens with emerging autumnal reds. Perfect start for a Covid-delayed tour of London’s Magnificent Seven. These are Victorian-era cemeteries that were created to ease pressure on parish burial grounds.

It’s logical that as a north London resident I kick off at…

How a brand-led world leaves me often hankering for originality and creativity

No, no, no! Not another Snoop Dogg’s Just Eat ad! Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Many years ago I sent off an angry e-mail to the then newly-revamped The Guardian (they’d just downsized from broadsheet to Berliner format). My gripe? I couldn’t get to the features in the Weekend supplement without having to trudge through page after page of useless ads.

To the paper’s credit…

Thinking of insects and Unsplash models

The office these days. With the odd “winged” friend included (photo by the author)

Monday 2nd August — Friday 3rd September 2021

A couple of tiny winged creatures crash against my shades as I ride down the A1, in Barnet. I think back to when I started driving fourteen years ago and this used to be a common occurrence. Insects smashing against the windshield.

I read in the paper the other day…

A culinary wonder in London’s East End

Friendly staff, good service, lovely grub (photo by the author)

It’d been a while since I’d gone on one of my long cycling jaunts around London. This time around, with the temperature reaching the late 20s (really, September? I thought you were supposed to usher in autumn), I decided to tour the Magnificent Seven. …

Extinction Rebellion in Trafalgar Square returns an age-old question

And diversity. Don’t forget that one (photo by the author)

Tuesday 8th October 2019-Friday 15th November 2019

I pop into Cycle Surgery before going to work. The temperature has dropped a few degrees, which means, extra covering — especially on my bald head — is necessary. I find a one-size-fits-all balaclava and for some strange reason my mind wanders off to the subject of relationships. Unlike certain…

Mario López-Goicoechea

London-based, Cuban writer. Author of “Cuban, Immigrant, and Londoner”

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