Three tips for new writers on Medium on how to mint it

I don’t mean to scare you, but, there’s a bigger mountain after this one Photo by Cade Prior on Unsplash

Time on my own gives me an opportunity to re-acquaint myself with my city

The market of the forgotten hopes. The only place where you don’t have to use a ration card (photo by the author)

Friday 13th September-Monday 23rd September 2019

A Farewell to Arms: Was Papa Hemingway a pacifist in the closet?

image taken from

Summer’s finally here and so are showers

In Victoria Park, Finchley, waiting for a learner (photo by the author)

Week 31st May — 4th June 2021

The musty smell, the yellowed pages and the notes on the margins. Sometimes used books provide their own subplot

Each, a story in their own right Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The start of a new relationship is both frightening and exciting at the same time

A café/bar’s stacked up tables always offers the possibility of “business as usual” the day after (photo by the author)

Tuesday 3rd September 2019 — Saturday 7th September 2019

The one about translation

Yes, you found the equivalent, but is it true to the author’s feelings? Photo by Edurne Chopeitia on Unsplash

A cycling trip down history near the king’s former hunting grounds

The “south gate” entrance to Enfield Chase, the king’s former hunting grounds (photo by the author)

Week Monday 24th May — Friday 28th May 2021

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh: Azerbaijan’s jazz superstar

photo taken from the artist’s website

In relationships, real or potential ones, can we look for the pluses and not just the minuses?

My eternal companion: city jaunts, nine-to-five and even dating

Mario López-Goicoechea

London-based, Cuban writer. Author of “Cuban, Immigrant, and Londoner”, to be published by Austin Macauley. Has written for The Guardian and Prospect.

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